Artificial intelligence a next gen technology

It is quite difficult to write about AI (artificial intelligence) because it is huge area and we all know that every matter has positive and negative side. As being technologist, I am on the positive side when AI helps humans in medical and some expert system area. There are 1.1 million robots working in the world. The softwares usage like LISP and Prolog program refers to artificial intelligence.AI Technology

There are many inventions and researches have been made in the application area of artificial intelligence like robotics, scheduled system, Data mining, expert systems, and speech reorganization.  Many companies make humanoid robots like Honda’s asimo and HPR-4 from kawada industries and NAO. Many of us have seen the robots in Hollywood movies like the terminator movie series. Researching and developing robot is a latest technology in news in artificial intelligence.

So, what is the impact in different areas of artificial intelligence? Well, the answer is quite broad because AI influences many areas like accounting, economy, social and it covers an expert system. There are many benefits against the barrier. AI system does not have emotions and cannot take a decision individually, for example a smart gun, which cannot decide whom to shoot. Before shooting, it works according to the actions or the instructions.

Negative effects of artificial intelligence

If the use of artificial technology increase, then human would become idle, human life is around their jobs and businesses. It can change the human being habits.

Every country’s economy depends on both the humanity and consumerism whereas artificial intelligence do not put earnings back in to the economy.

Artificial intelligence does not have yet powerful memory capacity as compared to human beings. It does not memorize quickly and cannot take actions rapidly.

Positive effects of artificial intelligence

Besides negative impact, there are also positive impacts of the artifiartifi_intellicial intelligence on different areas.

It can be used in expert systems like military operations, medical science, education where human cannot get into the deep.

AI programs now recognize human speech through speech reorganization programs. This program is useful for the disabled person to operate their applications with voice.

AI can be used in teaching programs that can give user a human touch to understand the functionality of the different applications. Students get additional help from the AI tutor.

Medical science, AI is useful for the curing the disease that is hard for the human and helps in-patient examination to produce better results.

Military operations it would be helpful to detect and also defuse bomb and thus reduce the adversity.

Currently research on Artificial intelligence and humanoid robots is on peak; many companies made humanoid robots with expanded tasks and tend to commercialize it. Therefore, the question is whether Artificial intelligence is good or bad and how it will, influence humanity is a major question. If the use of humanoid robots increase, then it will be good to use them like an expert system. However, only future will tell whether humanoid robots will rule over humanity or not. Will it be beneficial or dangerous to human is really a worth considering subject.


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I'M Divyesh Ladani and as a software professional i had like to know , share and write valuable information about the latest technology and Security Stuffs.
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