5 Reasons why you should start using mobile computing

Mobile computing technology is communication through mobile devices with use of intranet. A sales manager gets a sales order over mobile device is an example of mobile computing. Because of its efficiency like accessibility, cloud storage facility makes hike in mobile computing.

Let’s take a look at reasons behind claim of Mobile computing.

  1.  Powerful mobile devices and networks: In earlier days phones were slow in terms of speed, now Smartphone comes with advancement of processing speed, more internal storage capacity with wireless technology that allows users to fast download and data access over network.3G and 4G technologies increase the accessing speed.



  2.  Integrated Applications: Devices need applications in order to perform given task, for example throughout process of print a document it needs application like MS office to open, read and print document. These days mobile devices supports many applications and many smart phone comes with preinstalled applications as iTunes in iPhone, google play in android operated phones.

Some use of different applications in organizations:

  • View upcoming events and tasks so employees of the organization manage the activity          well and thus they could be top in the industry.
  • Manage and access information of the partner in business and contact details.
  • Can get the information about the inventory, product list, sales and purchase cost and information about stocks.

3. Cloud Transformation: Some organizations uses cloud computing services like SaaS (software as a Service) and Haas (Hardware as a Service) that adds convenience of employees to share or access applications and store information on mobile devices. It is called mobile cloud computing which combines mobile development and cloud computing.

4. Advantage of mobility: mobility makes particular person or organizations more   responsive. Mobility gives location flexibility for communicate, access, store and share the information from anywhere increases the productivity and thus save the time as compare earlier days. It saves time spend on travelling. Now a days audio and video streaming go on mobile computing. Users can get access of wide range of movies, music with use of high speed data connection.

5. Interactive Public Display: NFC (Near Field communication) is advanced prototyping mobile technology that links mobiles with other display.

It can attract customer’s attention and also transforms the customer’s experience.

A customer gets the information effortlessly.

In addition NFC (Near Field Communication) helps customers to find information about products, can help users with time management, employee tracking and customer satisfaction and ease at use.



Graph demonstrates revenues of different devices in past years.

Mobile computing not just stops here but just starts as we see its rapid growth to meet at the end. Developing in mobile computing is ongoing as advancement in IT sector and wireless technology. Many organizations already use mobile computing to meet competitive edge.


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I'M Divyesh Ladani and as a software professional i had like to know , share and write valuable information about the latest technology and Security Stuffs.
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