5 top challenges in Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is a technique that allows to use built resources like applications and it is hosted by cloud computing. Mobile cloud computing uses cloud to data storage, processing, and other thorough operations like Google Maps, mobile Email and some navigation application. However, these applications are using SaaS (Software as a Service) model of cloud computing.

From my previous article outlined reasons why mobile computing raises states about benefits of mobile computing. However, what extend mobile computing gives facility and what about security of personal or organizational information? Will it prove beneficial all the way? These questions are bigger especially for an organization. This post is going to take a look at mobile cloud computing challenges.


Following are that issues in mobile cloud computing.

  1.  Low bandwidth: This is one of the big issues in mobile cloud computing (MCC) that need to be tackled. Mobile cloud use radio waves which are limited as compare to wired network. Available wavelength is distributed in different mobile devices. So, it has been three times slower in accessing speed as compared to wired network
  2. Security and Privacy: Remain privacy is a major challenging issue in mobile cloud computing. It is harder to manage threats on mobile devices as compared to desktop devices because in a wireless network there are more chances of absence of the information from the network.
  3. Service Availability: connection is another major threat in cloud computing. Users often find complaints like transportation crowding, breakdown of network, out of coverage. Sometimes customers get a low frequency signal, which affects the access speed and storage facility.
  4. Alteration of Networks: Mobile cloud computing is used in different operating system driven platform like android, Apple ios, and Windows Phone. So it has to be compatible with different platforms .The performance of different mobile platform network is managed by the IRNA (Intelligent Radio Network Access) technique.
  5. Limited Energy source: Mobile devices are generally less powerful and consume more energy. Mobile cloud computing increases battery usage of mobile devices which become an important issue. Devices should have long life battery to access applications and other operations. When the size of altered code is small, the offloading consumes more energy than local processing. Some organizations try to find ways to overcome this problem.

Cloud computing and mobile devices give efficiency and accessibility but with the security risk if not proper implemented. A fast growing market of Mobile Device management (MDM) manages resources of mobile devices on cloud within the enterprise. We can say that future of technology is a combination of Cloud and Mobile.


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I'M Divyesh Ladani and as a software professional i had like to know , share and write valuable information about the latest technology and Security Stuffs.
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